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Increase likes, followers, google rankings, online engagement and sales through our Brand Journalists

Somewhere out there is a potential customer who wants what you have to sell, but most of them hate “in-your-face” repetitive advertisements with zero brand essence. Consumers want to see unique, customized, and engaging content on your social media. The quality of your brand’s content can have a massive impact on how effective your marketing is and on the success of your sales. Our Brand Journalists create the content, guarantee likes on all social media posts, get your business a massive wave of followers, and distinguished online presence.

Social Media posts are created for you every day

Minimum REAL Likes per Post on Instagram

Minimum Follower growth per month

3 Reasons why you need a Brand Journalist to Transform your

Marketing Department

We Spread the Word

Social media is about spreading the word, We create optimized and exciting content with relevant information about your business or industry. We are optimizers. What is the result? Your business will finally have a personality and your social media posts will populate social shares and social growth.

Stay Current on Social Media

Timely made social Media posts by our Brand Journalists delivers Brand Leadership to your business. The best way to become a leader in your industry is through smart marketing on social media, which is why we create posts for you every day and use a series of strategies to help you get there.

Social Media Loves what Journalists do - Stories

Think about it. Social Media is built on stories. Our Brand Journalists communicate your brand’s story to the right audience for your business. If your business does not have a theme, exciting and engaging content, or stories, then your brand will not develop itself in this digital world.

Branded Media Division: Photographer and Videographer Services

Our Photographers and Videographers can create the content you need. From drone services to product showcase photography to an HD Video for YouTube, our creative team can take care of it. We have all of the tools to help you reach social stardom.

Transform Followers into Leads by “Humanizing” your Brand

Brand Journalism is the most effective communications approach in this new digital era. As Brand Journalists, we focus on adding value to your brand. The best way to attract consumers is with an ongoing flow of relevant, interesting, and engaging content on all social media platforms. Traditional marketing tactics no longer work; today it is about storytelling and producing informational content that highlights your brand, this is what we call humanizing your brand. Your brand becomes more transparent, more human, and more followable. As Brand Journalists, we know that stories are the essence of communication. Our goal is to build awareness for your brand and acquire relevant audiences through our marketing tactics which are proven to work. We seek to inspire others through the content we create and as a result we maintain the attention of your potential customers, no matter the business or industry.

Audience and Location Targeting Included

Our Branded Journalists use an advanced system to target the right audience for your business in  ANY  location, this service is included in all our plans!  Various audiences can be targeted in several locations. Our Brand Journalists will make sure your social media is correctly exposed to the right people, which can be  narrowed down to age group, gender, and more.

Google Services: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Our very own Google Guru offers different strategies through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your website rank well in organic search engine results. We also provide SEM (search engine marketing), which includes services such as search engine optimization, paid listings and other search engine related services. Contact us  today and get found on Google! Rank higher than your competitors!